Brain Enhancement Program is a comprehensive brain-based therapy which incorporates a multi-faceted approach to the assessment and development of individualized intervention plans for children affected by Neurobehavioral / Developmental Disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, Tourrettes Syndrome, PDD, Autism, Processing Disorders, and Learning Disabilities (e.g., Dyslexia). Based on the most current research, the Brain Enhancement Program works from a brain-based model which recognizes that most children diagnosed with these conditions suffer a foundational imbalance of electrical (brain) activity. This imbalance occurs between the two halves (hemispheres) of the brain. We now understand that it is this imbalance of function, within and between the two halves of the brain which is often responsible for many if not all of the physical, cognitive or mental, and/or behavioral difficulties related to these disorders. The Brain Enhancement Program provides each child with an individualized treatment protocol which addresses their specific difficulties. Dr. Alexa and Dr John Parker consistently incorporate the most up-to-date and well-documented neuroscience research to continuously improve our abilities to address these more complex conditions. We see many children experiencing a variety of unique symptoms including motor issues, visual-spatial-organizational issues, sensory issues, immunity dysfunction, cognitive dysfunction, and/or academic difficulties.

The Benefits Of BEP


  • Balance the left brain and right brain,
  • Improve concentration,
  • Build confidence,
  • Improving the ability of memory,
  • Enhance creativity,
  • Improving gifts and talents,
  • Stabilize emotions,manners,
  • Build positive character,
  • Improving intelligence,
  • Noble character.


  • Habit of Watching TV,
  • Playing Mobile/Internet Games



          The full form of DMIT is, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality. DMIT Test Technique has long been developed by scientist Dr.Howard Gardner and medical experts. DMIT Analysis will be based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. Know your Strength and weakness by DMIT Test Report based on Dermatoglyphics and brain analysis.

Discover Your Child's Inborn Talent

  • 8 Intelligences
  • Inborn Abilities
  • Strength and Weakness
  • Learning styles
  • Grasping Power
  • Inborn Personality
  • Behavior
  • Subject & Stream Selection
  • Carrer Selection
  • Management Leadership
  • Department Suitability
  • Decision Making Pattern
  • Activities
  • Thinking Pattern


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